The Music

Southwest Virginia is immersed in rich, musical talent. Experience the quiet, soulful strum of the autoharp, the ringing melody of the bluegrass banjo, and the high, lonesome vocals of a gospel tune. The endearing harmonies and haunting ballads of our mountain music are regarded as national treasures.

48th Home Craft Days


Friday, October 18th – The Goodloe Center

The Friday night concert starts at 6 pm, and the reception at 5 pm.

Tyler Hughes, Todd Meade, Rick Kirby and Tommy Bledsoe

Kay Justice and Alice Gerrard

John McCutcheon


Saturday, October 19th – Legends Stage

10:30 Scott County Jam

11:00 Rich Kirby and Nate Polly

11:30 Todd Meade and Family

12:00 Jim Lloyd

12:30 Town Branch Bluegrass

1:00 Empty Bottle String Band w/ Center Stage Cloggers

1:45 Kelsey Rae

2:15 The Sheets Family

3:00 Stone Mountain Serenaders w/ Center Stage Cloggers

3:45 Travis Kern

4:30 Crooked Road Ramblers

5:15 Sigean

6:00 End of Day


Saturday, October 19th – Legacy Stage

10:30 Wise County Jams

11:00 Danny Whites and Friends

11:30 Jack Wright

12:00 Angie DeBord

12:30 Brandon Maggard

1:00 Right Fork Ramblers

1:45 The Childress Family

2:30 Joy Blair

3:15 Popular Hill Reunion

4:00 Richard Phillips and Friends

4:45 Thistle Dew

5:30 End of Day


Sunday, October 20th – Legends Stage

10:45 Tyler Hughes and Todd Meade

11:15 Doug Dorschug and Pam Randolph

11:45 Glenn Roberts

12:15 The High Tops

1:00 High Test Bluegrass

1:45 Tommy Bledsoe

2:30 Oscar Harris and Heater Pace

3:15 The String Dippers

4:00 Smith Family Singers

4:45 Scott County Boys

5:30 End of Day


Sunday, October 20th – Legacy Stage

11:00 Ms. Elli’s String Band

11:30 MECC String Band

12:15 Jack Beck & Wendy Welch

1:00 John Haywood

1:45 Bill McCall and Southern Country

2:30 Willie Dodson & Saro Lynch

3:15 My New Favorites

4:00 Rita Quillen

4:45 End of Day